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Getting Epic Engagement on Social Media Comes Down to these 3 Tips

Keeping your audience engaged on social media isn't rocket science. Finding ways to deliver moments of customer delight on social media is one of our favorite strategies. However, these 3 tips provide other ways users of SMURKE can get EPIC engagement from their social media audiences.

Social media engagement might seem like it's not a big deal. Many of our customers and projects look at social media with the "we got this" mind set. However, 9 out of 10 brands that use SMURKE came to us without a clear social media strategy. In their minds, getting social media right was a no brainer, well they were wrong 90% of the time as they didn't take the time to strategically think about these critical questions:

  • Should we be replying to everyone?

  • How can we make sure we capture all our mentions?

  • What are the best ways to respond quickly?

  • Should we always reply?

  • What is the bigger picture?

  • Who do we engage with on Social? Why?

  • What do we need to learn?

  • What is our story?

  • What do we have to offer?

In this article, we’ll run through some of the reasons why investing in social media engagement makes sense, and we’ll touch on specific tips to master engagement on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google My Business.


Getting involved in the conversation online is one of the quickest and easiest ways to set your organization apart on social media. Reply to your audience often with a uplifting, happy response. All it really takes to engage with your audience is a genuine conversation about what matters to them.

We will look at tips to help but before we journey down that road, let's think about the "why". Brands who engage with their audience are brands who step up to lead others in their industry.

1. Social media has audiences that are public

The public audience gives your organization a chance to amplify its voice and position in the market. Positive engagement with customers is a great way to boost your market position. Being the voice of expertise can drive increased sales, volunteer engagement, or donations depending on your goals.

Use social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google my Business ***the most missed channel*** to wow the public by calling out your top customers and how they are providing value to their communities.

2. Be fast and focused

Social media is the place to deliver content very fast as long as it is focused with a specific purpose. Sometimes short and sweet is all someone needs to see. We will leave it there.

3. Be responsive where your customers are engaged

We think by now you've got the idea. Engage with your customers where they are located at. A vast majority of nearly every organization's audience is on social media throughout the day. You probably started reading this article as the result of social media. We thank you for engaging with our content and we always look for how we can deliver the best value. That's hard to do if you don't share what brings you the value. We measure that by views, likes, shares, follows, and so on. Most importantly though is at SMURKE we measure engagement by what we hear from you.

Got pressing questions? Leave us a comment below to take a moment to email us at

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