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How to Generate Leads Through SMURKE Social Media Management

A large amount of time is often dedicated to searching every post and account for posts that inquire about a business or product you offer! Finally finding such posts feels #great! It's the often the perfect opportunity to reach out and provide a solution to their needs.

For example:

Your business sells the most amazing socks. While you're on social media, you are researching and going through thousands of social media posts that ask for sock suggestion or recommendations. After hours of dedicated searching, you find it! You reach out and hopefully sell your business and gain a new customer! #Yay!!

Sadly, sometimes all the long hours and sore thumbs from scrolling leads to nothing and you invested a lot of time. With SMURKE social media Management, you can set up a way for leads to generate automatically for you! That's right, while you're enjoying dinner or a good nap, our platform will be doing the search for you and organize all the leads in one place at so you can review and engage at your convenience.

How To Set it Up

As always, login to your SMURKE account! You will see the dashboard as usual. On the left hand side will be your menu. Click on the social marketing tab. Once you're there the menu should be available on the left hand side. Once you click on the leads tab, it will take you to the page where the #magic happens. This is the main page where your leads that are generated will show up. You can comment directly on the social media posts on this page without having to go to that social media platform.

To create leads, click on the lead setting button in the right hand corner. Click on the "add" button.

This will open a window where you can input the key words you want SMURKE to look for when it is searching different social media platforms. Here you will input keywords, exact matches, things it must include and even a preferred location and language!

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